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Believe in the Power of Your Gift

One out of every four people in the United States suffers from a treatable mental illness. Nearly one in ten of these people will turn to alcohol or drugs and end up fighting addiction as well.

Take Joel, Cristina and Shea, for example.

Joel struggled with maintaining employment after his military service. He snapped at everyone around him, couldn’t remember things and missed deadlines. Eventually, he ended up staying in a local homeless shelter. Although he blamed himself for “not pulling it together,” he didn’t understand that he suffered from PTSD.

Cristina had a normal childhood and a great future ahead of her. But, as a graduate student, she heard voices and became one whose life is altered by schizophrenia.

Shea was always accused of lacking ambition because she avoided filling out college application forms, even though she wanted to attend college. Her secret? She was regularly abused by her alcoholic father and had her spirit crushed.

Next time you walk downtown, or even get together with friends, ask yourself which one is going through something like this. Which one is afraid or ashamed to talk about it and get the help they need? Mental health disorders and addictions don’t only affect individuals, they affect families and communities. Maybe even you?

Prairie View can help. Last year, Prairie View provided nearly $800,000 in uncompensated care to those who are fighting mental illness and addictions. Prairie View is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission of providing hope and healing in the spirit of Christ. For over 60 years, Prairie View has been here so no one was left to suffer alone.

Joel met a Prairie View case manager at the shelter. He received treatment for his PTSD, and his wife received support as well. Now their marriage is stronger than ever and Joel celebrated his 2-year work anniversary at a job he enjoys.

After a short time at the Prairie View psychiatric hospital and proper medication management, Cristina returned to graduate school and now teaches at a nationally recognized university.

Hundreds of people like Shea call the crisis center at Prairie View and receive not only crisis intervention, but compassion to carry them through their darkest moments.

When you or those you care about need help, Prairie View is here. We believe the future is bright for the children, adolescents, adults, older adults and families who access a full range of mental health services at Prairie View.

We believe transformation is possible for everyone we see. We work toward that transformation every day, but we can’t do it alone. We’re asking you to help.

Your gifts help us reach people suffering from mental illness and addictions. These are people just like you and your loved ones. Will you join us? Do you believe in the power of your gift?

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