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Outpatient Services

It’s not just about addiction treatment; it’s about the ongoing journey toward recovery. People of all backgrounds and beliefs can experience addiction.

Characteristics of Addiction

  • Becomes obsessed with the substance and craves it
  • Seeks out and engages in behavior even though it causes harm
  • Engages in the behavior repeatedly
  • Craves the euphoric feeling or rewarding experience from using the substance
  • Hides the behavior from those who have mentioned a concern
  • Denies the behavior to family and friends, even though it’s clearly obvious to others
  • Loses control as to how long, when, or how much the individual will continue the behavior
  • Spends less time on hobbies and activities that were once important
  • Develops irritability, depression, restlessness, or anxiety

Prairie View offers treatment for:

  • Illicit drug addiction (i.e. cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines (meth))
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Prescription Drug Addiction (i.e. benzodizepines (benzos), opiods)
  • Co-Occurring disorders that can contribute to addiction (i.e. PTSD, anxiety, depression, trauma, adverse childhood experiences)

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment for Adults and Youth

  • Substance Use Evaluations (SAE) to determine if a substance use disorder exists, and to assist in determining what level of treatment best meets your needs
  • Individual and family therapy for substance use and support for maintaining sobriety
  • Costs for services vary but may be eligible for coverage under major medical insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, sliding fee scale, or charitable patient assistance funds. Self-pay and financing options are also available.